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The daily demands of the teen brain are especially draining.  Everyday situations and emotions that you are faced with, including stress, anxiety, and fear can deplete your brain of vital neurotransmitters, the chemical language of the brain.  For brain power, focus and concentration to occur, those neurotransmitters must be replaced daily. Neurotransmitters come from amino acids, specifically the amino acids that Teen Link provides.

Your brain is a work in progress. The highest of reasoning emerges during the teen years; between the ages of 11 and 14.  And your brain will continue to develop throughout your teen years and well into your twenties. How you feed your brain during these critical years has a direct impact on your ability to comprehend, learn, and cope with the demands of a stressful teen life.

The healthy brain

The brain processes different types of information in separate ways and then stores it differently. Once it is stored it becomes knowledge.  When your healthy brain is firing on all cylinders you are able to quickly remember what you learned  and more importantly to apply that knowledge successfully.

The Amino Acid Answer to Brain Drain

All this brain activity requires brain food such as Super Balanced Neurotransmitter Complex and Teen Link. This special group of amino acids give your brain fuel it needs to function at peak performance.

For more information on the Teen Brain,
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Understanding the Teen Brain
A Work in Progress

by Dr. Billie J. Sahley, P.hD.

Teen Link - the Amino Acid answer to brain drain.

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