Symptoms of Teen Depression

The following are symptoms displayed by teens who are in a depression cycle. In most cases, they have low serotonin and dopamine levels in their brains.

Withdrawn, no interest
No motivation at school or home
Feelings of hopelessness
Chronic sadness or anxiety
Use of drugs or alcohol

Inability to focus, grades drop, absent form school

Sleep problems. Stays up at night and sleeps all day.
Complains of headaches, fatigue, back and neck pain, or upset stomach
Unresponsive to friends or family
Won't eat or eats too much
Doesn't verbalize feelings
Shows interest in subjects related to death and dying
Finds no joy in anything
Sees only negative outcome
Exhibits anger and resentment
To affect any of the above symptoms, you must address an imbalance in brain chemistry. Serotonin receptors lining the gastrointestinal tract become depleted in response to stress, anxiety and depression. Supplementation can address the deficiency of neurotransmitters in the brain and put you back on track.

The nutrients of choice are TeenLink, NeuroLinks, and Super Balanced Neurotransmitter Complex. For a lesser concentration, supplement with Huperzine or Vinpocitene for at least 1 month.

According to Richard Restax, M. D., we are on the threshold of an age of medication-induced personality transformation. Avoid drugs - which only mask symptoms. Instead, feed your brain what naturally belongs there and you will see a natural transformation in your attitude and ability to effectively cope with life.